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Sheaff Brock Works for You—the Intelligent Investor

You’re here because you have sophisticated needs and goals and are looking for more—for a partner who understands your vision for the future. We’re here because we strive to provide something more—for you and for your portfolio management. More innovative strategies, more timely investment insights, and more direct personal service. Sheaff Brock is your resource that understands and shares your look ahead.

Fee-Only Portfolio Management

As a fee-only money manager, our focus is on one thing—your portfolio. Sheaff Brock's success is directly tied to yours, because the only way we thrive is when our assets under management—your assets—grow. We are all pushing the ball in the same direction.

While we are value-oriented in our portfolio management, we avoid undue risk. We respect volatility and also realize, under the right circumstances, it may be used as a possible means to garner returns. As a result, to get results, we sometimes challenge various traditional, but not necessarily factual, assumptions about investing.

Our directive is simple: to build and preserve your wealth over the long term. We strive to improve portfolio performance and manage risk. It’s why we do what we do. For you, the Intelligent Investor.

The Experience of the Sheaff Brock Team

You expect and deserve a relationship with unbiased trusted advisors who manage your portfolio with your goals in mind; we provide hands-on management of your investments, and we focus on one thing: your financial future.

The Sheaff Brock team offers decades of experience as investment advisors. We have diverse backgrounds in the industry and use those to provide you with the analysis and education you require regarding the market and your specific investment performance.

We work with you to understand your needs to collectively plan a course towards fulfilling your specific investment goals. And we stay in contact with you throughout our relationship to be able to shift as your needs may change. Sheaff Brock offers portfolios designed for growth, for income, and for combinations of both.

Sheaff Brock Money Management

We are independent. And innovative. And occasionally, maybe even contrarian. Although we keep up with current trends in money management, we don’t let momentary popular “wisdom” distract us from focusing on what’s truly important and applicable to each situation. We use sophisticated research, technology, and data to quantify the decisions we make regarding our—and your—portfolios. We are driven by discipline and data.

We have designed proprietary portfolio strategies focused on meeting your needs for income and/or growth. All the while, we continually stay aware of volatility and risk. And, being independent and resourceful, we are able to adjust as time and market conditions change.

Much of the work we do for you is, understandably, behind the scenes. So, beyond the ongoing management of your portfolio and holdings, we communicate with you to keep you informed. As one of our investors, we provide you with periodic newsletters and bulletins providing our considered thoughts and opinions of opportunities, items of note in the market, and portfolio performance. We create personalized quarterly reports with return information as well as gain and loss data. And, we provide you with access to a Client Solutions Team member—a real person—who will stay in touch and answer your calls when you have a question.

Throughout, It’s About You

You’re in the driver’s seat. We provide you with tools and resources to help in your decision-making about your goals, strategies, portfolios, and future needs. Besides personal one-to-one discussions, we offer assessment tools for college savings, retirement savings, retirement spending and for retirement healthcare costs analysis.

Sheaff Brock—a resource for you, the Intelligent Investor.

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